18 Easy Love and Relationship Advice for Guys.

Love doesn't have to be complicated for men, especially if you know the tips and tricks to win your lady love.

always be sweet

Go on surprise dates, hold her hand as you walk down the street, and kiss her on the forehead before saying goodbye. She takes them to heart every time.

Ask her about the little things

You can make your girlfriend feel extra special by taking her out to her favorite childhood restaurant or giving her a colorful notepad that she loves to write on.

indulge in sweet talk

She cannot stop herself from being seduced by the sweet talk. Give her chocolates and roses even when there is no occasion. Take her to a place of her choice.

dream and work on them

The only three things women want are loyalty, love and respect. If you get those three, you'll never be in trouble again.

don't make decisions without her knowledge

Girls love surprises, it's true. When it comes to bigger issues, don't keep her in the dark.

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