Vikas Behl to direct Ajay Devgn in remake of Gujarati thriller 'Vash'!

Gujarati family-entertainer 'Vash' released in 2023 and did well at the box office. Ajay Devgn will star in its Hindi remake.

R Madhavan will also be a part of the film. The film will be directed by 'Queen' and 'Super 30' director Vikas Bahl.

Ajay may start shooting for the remake of 'Vash' by June." Mangat and his son Abhishek Pathak are producing the film.

The shooting of the remake of 'Vash' is expected to begin in June and will be shot in Mumbai, Mussoorie and parts of London.

Mangat and Behl are keen to take the story to a wider audience and are confident that the subject matter has the potential to resonate with audiences and generate substantial revenue.

Ajay Devgn fans and fans of the original 'Vash' can look forward to an exciting and entertaining Hindi adaptation of the beloved Gujarati film.

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