Are you also depressed after breakup?

Depression can be triggered due to hormonal changes, chemical imbalances, loss of a loved one and stressful events like breakup.

do new activity

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To come out of depression, it is necessary that a person keeps himself busy. Therefore, choose such activities which make the mind happy.

spend time with others

Sometimes the grief of breakup becomes so deep that the person starts feeling alone. In such a situation, the company of friends and family members can be important.

get help from friends

After breaking up, it is important to seek the help of the right friends. Share your sad experiences with them and take advice from them. They will help you move forward.

express your feelings

The first step in recovering from post breakup depression is to express your feelings. People go through many ups and downs during depression.

have a good sleep

Both the body and the mind feel refreshed and the stress levels are reduced as a good night's sleep results in a good night's sleep.

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