Are you also troubled by frequent headaches during summer?

People suffering from migraine complain of headache even in summer. Apart from headache, sunburn causes problems like dizziness.

Walking in the sun causes headache, so drink more and more water during the day and wash your face thoroughly with cold water after coming home from outside.

Why do headaches happen in the morning?

The problem of headache caused by pain in the neck is called Cervicogenic Headache. This headache is caused due to some problem in the cervical spine.

Over time, the pain can spread to the neck and then the shoulders, causing a stiff neck, colloquially known as stiff neck.

Frequent headaches?

If you are suffering from any kind of pain other than the types of pain mentioned here, a doctor should be consulted instead of adopting home remedies.

headache triggers

There can be many different reasons for a headache once a day. Stress is one of the most common causes. That's why it is very important to exercise, walk and meditate daily.

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