Best colors to wear on first date.

Going on a first date is a different feeling in itself. You can better understand what the situation is like when you have to go on your formal first date.

wear red to show enthusiasm

Wearing red on a first date shows passion, excitement and confidence. Red is the color of love and desire, known to evoke feelings of attraction and excitement. It

try blue to look steady

Blue can be a very calming colour, which is why nurses wear it. It is one of the most popular colours, you are sure to find it soothing and reassuring for your date.

If you want to look sophisticated and put-together, navy is the color for you. When paired with white, it can look especially crisp and classic.

Wear white for a fresh and simple look

Wearing white can create a more timeless look.While white may be more dependent on the season,it is associated with purity, simplicity, a very popular first date.

This can help create a fresh and innocent atmosphere, says Eckersley. The most important thing to wear is what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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