Wattpad has the best passionate love stories for romance lovers

To slow-burn romances in coffee shops, here are some of Wattpad's romance stories that have toe-curling chemistry.

beating heartheart

Both are scared of love and not the ones who date people a lot. When she doesn't melt in front of him like other guys, this tough and bold guy starts to soften.

Coffee Shop

Wants to focus on her independent career and find herself in the big city. Takes a job at a coffee shop, working under her handsome but mysterious boss, Brian.

kiss kiss bang bangkiss kiss bang bang

This handsome stranger's boss is her would-be fiancé, who hires the said handsome man to protect her from her husband's rivals!

the class prince

Her intimidating and handsome classmate Ivan sparks something inside her that she doesn't understand. Is it love or is it hate?

mermaids and the vampires who love them

Waverly Fishwater is a mermaid who attends a boarding school full of otherworldly creatures. While she is trying to focus on normal things like homework,

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