why the bride made the groom wear Mangalsutra!

The groom gives this gift of a lifetime to his bride. But a case has come to light in which the bride and groom wore mangalsutra during the wedding.

First, according to Hindu customs, the bride and groom wore Mangalsutra. Then a completely new ritual was performed in which both the couples got married following new customs.

Tanuja gave Mangalsutra to Shardul in marriage

Something happened in the marriage of Shardul Kadam and Tanuja which not only surprised everyone but also gave a point to think about.

Shardul and Tanuja's love story

Shardul and Tanuja's love story started four years after graduation. He told Humans of Bombay- 'Tanuja had shared a song by Himesh Reshammiya on Instagram.

reason for wearing mangalsutra

Shardul breaks many traditions of the society, the girl's family has to bear the entire expenses of the marriage, so Shardul's stand on this is commendable.

Someone wrote – Do you have periods too, then someone said that now start wearing saree also. Someone also said that this is not a way to support gender equality.

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