Causes,symptoms,and home remedies for TB.

About one-third of the world's population, that is, about two billion people, is infected with TB disease. Every year about 9 million people are falling prey to it.

have been infected with TB bacteria

Children under the age of 5, people who are vulnerable to bacteria, homeless people, injection drug users and people with HIV infection.

Physical problems that weaken the immune system

Substance abusers, lung related diseases, virus that causes AIDS, severe kidney disease.

Some home remedies for TB

Eat foods rich in vitamin-D like fish, dairy products, cheese and eggs, you can also take vitamin D supplements after consulting a doctor.

green tea

Put one spoon of green tea in a cup of hot water, filter it after boiling, keep the tea to cool for a while, then mix honey and drink it.


Include one to two spoons of crushed garlic paste in the diet, garlic can also be chewed directly.

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