easy nail art designs to do at home.

Gel polish designs have also increased in selling price due to their long-lasting shine and easy drying ability.

white and red nail art

Your nails are a bit long and you want to make a bow nail art design by giving a colorful look to the nails, then for this first apply a base color on the nails.

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

color splash nail art

Using your nails as a blank canvas and sprinkling some color around for that nice effect. Apply two coats of white nail polish for the base.

Once it dries, dip the brush into the blue nail polish and using your thumbs, dust the color onto your nails. Apply a top coat to set.

Apply chocolate brown nail polish on your base. Place the tape diagonally on the nail, forming a triangle. Apply gold nail polish in the triangular area.

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