Ghost stories that are scary and funny

Many people like to read ghost stories while many people are afraid to read ghost stories. He does not want to read ghost stories because he is afraid of many.

Love of mother

In front of Utkarsh's car, a woman appeared with thick black long hair and wearing a white saree. She was signaling the car to stop by waving her hand from a distance.

Everyone saw this terrible scene. The woman was dead, she took help from us and saved her baby girl. We didn't see anyone there after that in the night.

peepal's ghost

Once someone told Ram Bharose that there is a Peepal tree in a field outside the village. Pret and Baram live on it. So Ram Bharose felt that he must have seen it.

Grandfather's mistake fell heavily on us

Before he died, my grandfather hanged a girl by strangulation. She already knew many things about my grandfather.

After midnight, my uncle started doing strange things and making different sounds. Sometimes he started laughing and sometimes he started crying loudly.

After four-five days of performing Pooja Havan, that girl got freedom and since then till date she has neither bothered nor been seen by anyone in our family.

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