Very sad heart touching facebook chat love story.

One day he got a friend request from a girl on Facebook. He accepted the request of the girl. After this both started chatting on Facebook.

At first the boys thought that it was not a girl but a boy. The boy said to the girl, “I can understand that you are a boy.

One day the girl called and said,"You always wanted to see me happy and you used to say that you would do anything to make me happy?"' The boy said,'I wish you happiness.

Why are you asking this? So the girl said, "I don't need you anymore. I don't want to be with you. So let me be happy."

In paja maur and kama coma known as fbunk avaravati ke kora ok when you click on your phone and I think remember.

Chong quit studies and went back to his home. Koro zeb pherowo. He didn't talk to anyone the whole time. Where did you go? Dhara Dhara, this once again you cow, Lala cow got Tanash done.

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