Why is Holi played with the ashes of the crematorium here !

Holi is played with colours, but there is a place in the country where Holi is played not with colours, but with the ashes of cremation.

Holi in the crematorium of Kashi

Holi is celebrated on the day of Ekadashi in the cremation ground of Kashi, which is known as Amali Agiaras.played with the ashes of leopard at Harishchandra Ghat.

24-hour concern in the crematorium of Kashi

It is said that the fire of anxiety never subsides here. People remain depressed here throughout the year, but people celebrate here on the occasion of Holi.

cremation grounds of varanasi

Drums, bells and music systems play loud music at the cremation ground in Varanasi. The tradition of playing Holi with leopard's ashes is more than 300 years old.

Holi with ghosts and spirits

Lord Shiva reached Kashi Parat on this day by making Mother Parvati a cow after marriage.he played Holi with his devotees. Could not play Holi with ghosts and Aghoris.

Mahasmashan Nath's Holi at Harishchandra Ghat

Holi is played with the ashes of leopard after the aarti of Mahashamshan Nath at Harishchandra Ghat, which is organized here by Dom Raja's family.

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