How to remove facial hair at home.

It is not completely possible to eliminate facial hair permanently. Some remedies are used to get rid of facial hair. Know about these home remedies.

Honey, Sugar and Lemon

Honey maintains moisture in the skin, using lemon with sugar and honey improves the skin. Can be effective as a remedy for facial hair removal.

sugar and lemon

When it dries, it leads to hair fall. Lemon lightens the skin tone and acts like a bleach on the hair.

Banana and Oatmeal

There is light and thin hair on the face, oatmeal can remove them by scrubbing. For this reason, some people also call porridge as a medicine to remove facial hair.

honey and walnuts

The fine particles present in walnut shells can be helpful in removing light hair from the skin.

Facial Hair Removal Precautions

While using the material after heating it in the home remedy, keep in mind that do not apply it on the skin when it is too hot.

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