how to know know if a girl likes you

We are going to tell about some special things related to how to recognize the girl's love. You know whether the person you love also loves you or not.

waiting for you

It is not just friendship or liking but love is hidden behind it. Girl waiting for phone, for message or to meet you can guess that she is in love with you.

when you start sharing your problems

Girls don't easily tell their problems to anyone, they are doing this, surely they trust you a lot. It means that they have a special place in their mind for you.

get used to you

It can be a sign that she is in love with you. Sharing small talk with you, calling for your yes and no or repeatedly messaging tells about her restlessness.

when long conversations started

If the girl starts talking to you for hours on the phone, calls you several times a day and starts long conversations, then understand that she likes you just like you.

planning a movie with you

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