"J" se start hone wale boys name.

Whether it is by nature or not, sweetness in speech, all these things can be detected from the first letter of the boy's name i.e. "J".

Personality of "j" letter names

hear the name of the letter "j", see you as a strong and powerful person. The raw power you give to others

Get involved in a worthy cause, need some convincing. You tend to be cocky. Sometimes people think you are rich, even when you are not.

You are able to use good judgment or common sense in practical matters.

Inclined to think more than to be spontaneous. Despite all this, you are a lively, compelling, honest, kind and tolerant person. Your best quality is self-sacrifice.

Such a method has been made in Hindu religion, a good name of the boy is chosen. In life, he gets a special identity only by the name of the boy.

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