unique story of dulhe mela

Will tell you something that will open your eyes. At this place the bride chooses the bridegroom.

Dulha Bazar i.e. Bride's Fair since 700 years in Madhubani area of ​​Bihar

Here the girl chooses a suitable groom according to herself.

Know, since when the fair started

This fair was started in the year 13010. Saurath was started 700 years ago by King Harisingh Deva of the Karnataka dynasty.

The reason behind this was that marriages do not take place in the same gotra, rather the gotras of the bride and groom are different.

Reason behind starting this tradition

When a girl's family faces many difficulties for marriage, people from all walks of life come here to choose a boy for their daughter.

One has to come to this fair and then the girl's family members select the boy and get married happily by taking the papers of both.

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