Goddess Sheetla in Pali district of Rajasthan

This pitcher is taken out only twice a year on Sheetla Ashtami and Jyeshtha Purnima of Chaitra month. It's a disturbance.

When the priest of the temple pours milk into this pot, surprisingly the pot fills up completely. According to the legend, once upon a time there was a demon who used to worship Chek Mata.

Pleased in the form of Mother Sheetla Kumari

The demon sought a boon from the mother that he was very thirsty in summer, so he should be given water twice a year. The goddess granted him this boon.

An ancient temple of Goddess Sheetla at Mehdiganj in Lucknow

This temple was built by Raja Tikait Rai, the dewan of the Nawab here. The invaders tried to destroy this temple many but could not succeed.

In the Mughal period, this temple was demolished and the idol was thrown into the lake. Mother appeared in a dream to a devotee and asked him to remove the idol and install it.

Goddess Sheetla protects the whole area. This idol of Goddess Sheetla belongs to Gaur period. People tie coconuts in this temple. Thousands of people gather here on the occasion of Sheetla Puja.

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