a unique love story that ends with a phone call and years of searching!

The clothes she had bought with great zeal and enthusiasm for the wedding and honeymoon were now fitting her tightly.

Neha was greatly irritated by his conservative views. She left her good job to pursue her hobby of housekeeping. There was no dearth of money.

Wanted to enjoy her married life to the fullest for some time. Neha has done MBA. Their acquaintance grew and both of them got married.

Neha was fourteen when she heard his name for the first time. He used to go to tuitions with her and Neha fell in love with him before she knew it.

No one else could touch her heart for nine years. She was being trolled on social sites by taking the name of Gautam Awasthi.

Both became friends. One day Nikhil proposed her for marriage. In the end Neha had no reason to say no to him.Gautam became a forgotten memory, lost in a corner of his mind.

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