A village where you will see a plane outside every house

Today we are going to tell you about a village where you will see an airplane standing outside every house, not a scooter or a car.

The world's first airpark was built in Fresno, California. It was named Sierra Sky Park. It was built in 1946. An airpark colony is going viral.

Airplanes are parked like cars

There are hangars like garages outside every house in this village, where they park their aircraft. People have to go anywhere, they go by aeroplane.

Interestingly, most of the people living here are pilots and fly their own aircraft. It is a kind of fly-in community where people gather on Saturday mornings and go together to the local airport.

There are hundreds of air parks in America

Retired military pilots live here. During 1946, there were a total of 4 lakh pilots in America, who started living in these air parks.

Cameron Park was built in the year 1963 and has a total of 124 houses. The streets here are also named after aircrafts and the street signs have also been made aircraft friendly.

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