Know, will there be a new storm in Anupama's life!

Dimpy and Samar's relationship in danger. In the episode it is seen that Anuj calls Shah's house and says that Anupama's Anuj will return soon.

Maya's new trick will now be seen in the coming episodes. Even Dimpy will not hesitate to look tough.

Will Maya stop Anuj?

Pakhi gets happy hearing Anuj's words and immediately hugs her friend. Meanwhile he will tell Anuj that he should go to his Anu right now.

Anupama explains the true meaning of marriage to her son and Dimpy. She says that both have to respect each other.

Vanraj will call Dimpy a badtameez

Vanraj will tell everyone that if the children are then the parents will be ready to sell their kidneys, but if the children are ill-mannered, this will not happen.

Samar will fall at Anupama's feet

Samar will apologize by holding mother's feet. Meanwhile Dimpy will also say that she is mean and gets angry easily. Will apologize and want to say something.

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