Ruckus in controversies before the release of 'The Kerala Story'!

There have many films in Bollywood which have created political uproar. 'The Kerala Story' is surrounded by controversies these days.

Even before 'The Kerala Story', there has been a political ruckus regarding many films. Let us know which films have become victims of controversies.

What did the Supreme say?

Supreme Court said that you cannot always come here for direct relief. Relief cannot be sought by filing IA in cases.

The lawyer said that the film is a way of disseminating hate speech through audio and visual medium.

The film 'The Kerala Story' is scheduled to hit the theaters on 5th May. The trailer of the film has been viewed by more than 16 million people.

There is a story of a girl who wants to become a nurse but becomes an ISIS terrorist. Controversy is going on about the film. This may further worsen the communal situation.

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