Powdery perfumes to delight yourself with flowers.

The fragrance of the powder is known to hug your body and leave a floral scent behind you.

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Loves Baby Soft Tomorrow

Love's Baby Soft includes floral notes of jasmine, geranium, rose, lavender, patchouli and vanilla and a bitter-sweet undertone of musk.

The natural powdered cologne also includes top notes of Sicilian lambodar and aldehydes, combined with destination notes of rose musk, honey and cedar wood.

Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray

This beautiful powdered vanilla perfume strives to provide an opportunity to own the fragrance loved by celebrities around the world.

yves saint laurent libre eau de parfum

This is one of the best vanilla powder perfumes for the perfume game lovers.

Kenzo Flowers Perfume by Kenzo

The peaceful and familiar perfume of Baby Powder flows in powdery and somewhat flowery hues for an all-natural, serene scent that is innocent and delicate.

Baby Powder by Demeter for Women

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