shark tank india season 2 episode 16 title

Shark Tank India season 2 episode 16 titled "Pitchers' Preparation" premiered during the January 23, 2023 slot.

Heading 2

The first team of the day is V.S. Mani & Company:

Founders GD Prasad, Rahul Bajaj, and Yashas Alur bring in an impressive pitch, opening latest episode in a delectable and delicious manner.

Second 'sepal' pitch:

The co-founders immediately take this as a sign and claim that prices may be brought down in the future once their business model is made to work more efficiently.

The four co-founders of 'Solinas' final pitch of the day:

Linda Jasleen and Moinak Banerjee - introduce their fight against a matter of national concern, the practice of manual scavenging.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 16: Final Thoughts:

Amit and Anupam's shallow war of words was again unnecessary, and so were the sharks' reactions during the second pitch by 'Sepal'

Aman cannot accept the approach due to its low-rated style appeal, and he agrees to the idea of ​​being designed by hook or by crook.

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