first team sarees

With a vision we hope to grow in future with our image of handmade sarees, to be the most trusted brand of traditional sarees in India.

Countered by the pair's fresh request of Rs.75 lakh for 10% equity, after a few exchanges, the pitchers agreed to go ahead with the sharks' offer.

Next Pitch Divyajit Watchout Wearables

Divyajit comes out to introduce Watchout wearables is joined by founder Abhishek. Their product is a next generation watch with three basic features - security

Abhishek does not come from a coding background, but still had a strong belief in developing a watch. Only Vineeta offers and Anupam meets him for Rs.100.

Final and third set Priyank and Uttam

50 lakhs for 18% equity and Rs. 25 lakh loan at 12% interest. Vinita goes along with it and fixes the deal.

shark tank india season 2 episode 2 review

Pitch Ideas while maintaining our traditions, also made full use of new age technology that comes to our rescue in times of need.

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