first pitch company plated project

Plated Project Business tells very real things about India, 200 million people go to bed hungry every day in our country and many of them are children.

Shark Aman,Shark Namita & Shark Vineeta's Offer,₹75 Lakh for 3.75% Equity,Valuation –₹20 Crore,Business Pitcher finalizes deal with all three sharks.

second pitch company healthy factory

In the promo of Healthy Factory Business, the business entrepreneur explains with great enthusiasm about his product, India's first Protein Bread has been made.

All the sharks didn't feel right working as an investment, so no sharks offer to invest and no deal happens.

third pitch vasanapu business

People would like to select photographer according to their local name which would make it difficult for them to expand. So no sharks make offers and no deals happen.

end of day pitch zsportstech business

Zee Sports Tech Annual Sales, Sales for FY 2022-2023 - ₹15 Lakh, Sales for FY 2021-2022 - ₹31 Lakh Their Trail Fee is ₹1000.

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