shark tank india season 2 episode 25 title

Shark Tank India season 2 episode 25 titled "Badhata India" premiered on February 3, 2023 during the time slot.

Riddle Pitch 'Scrap Uncle':

Introducing the modern day 'Scrap Uncle', a trained and verified agent, weighing with 100% accuracy and offering the best price for your scrap.

Second pitch 'Sharma Ji Ka Aata' 

'Sharma Ji Ka Atta' brings 40 types of flour from Pune, which now want to spread all over the country. He has given up packaged flour to promote a healthy diet.

Last pitch 'Manatane' - for frizzy hair problems:

'Manaten' - the one stop solution to frizzy hair woes, the last pitch is one that can't be missed by the frizzy hair community.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 25: Final Thoughts:

Extending a selfless hand to the founders of 'Sharma Ji Ka Aata', Anupam mockingly presented them the proposal of an additional loan clause.

Aman's counter-attitude towards 'Manateen' turns out to be a soft endorsement for the entrepreneurs, especially after Amit's unnecessarily harsh comments.

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