shark tank india season 2 episode 23 title

Shark Tank India season 2 episode 23 titled "Changing the World" premieres on February 1, 2023 during 10-11PM IST time slot.

First pitch 'Padcare':

India's first 5D technology patented sanitary napkin disposal and recycling system, i.e. 'Pad Care X' and 'Pad Care Vend', leads to a sanitary napkin vending machine for toilets.

'Swadeshi Blessing' with second pitch:

'Indigenous Blessings' comes up with another deal, featuring a variety of earthen products made by local artists, resulting in healthier cooking.

Third Shreyan Daga's 'OLL' pitch:

'OLL' has partnered with teachers who are paid on an hourly basis, and in order to achieve the above vision, Shreyan Shark seeks Rs.

Last pitch of the day Founder of 'Fabris':

For the final pitch of the day, Dr.Vishal Bajaj,founder of 'Fabris',walks out first, and is joined his father and co-founder of the company, Girdhar Bajaj.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 23: Final Thoughts:

With better pitches setting the bar high, this episode emerges as one of the best entries of the season so far.

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