title of shark tank india season 2 episode 30

Shark Tank India season 2 episode 30 titled "Changing India" will premiere during the slot on February 10, 2023.

first pitch daryaganj

Episode 30's first pitch begins with a fantasy from the past that takes us to the legacy of today. Raghav Jaggi, Gurpreet Singh and Amit Bagga weave the story of Kundan Lal Jaggi.

Invented Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani in 1947. Raghav as Jaggi seeks to revive his legacy with the 2019 launch of 'Daryaganj', the most authentic and delicious restaurant for North Indian food.

For the next pitch, brand 'Dhruv Vidyut' or 'DV'

Singh is together to start a speed revolution with the bicycle through the use of a kit- 'DVEC' i.e. an electric conversion kit.

All three, i.e. Piyush, Aman and Anupam are coming on board with the condition that Aman and Piyush will be the first investors of 'Dhruv Vidyut' when it is fully business ready

'Cellbell' chairs to end the day's pitches

Its a family business of stylish and comfortable chairs that offers a viable option for office and gaming set-ups with the availability of custom bulk orders.

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