shark tank india season 2 episode

The show revolves around business owners pitching their ideas to a group of potential investors.

Pabiben Rabari's first pitch:

Pabiben Rabari was quite impressed. is an online platform that gives recognition to artists. They manufacture a variety of bags, accessories and gift boxes.

Namita offers 5 lakhs for 2% equity and 45 lakhs on loan with 0% interest rate. The owner makes a counter offer of 10 lakhs for 5% equity and 40 lakhs loan at 0% interest.

Second Pitch Wardrobe Organizing Solutions

Akash Mehta and Priyanka Mehta.Residents of Indore.Husband and wife.Know each other for 22 years.After their first child their life was becoming very chaotic.

Anupam again takes 50 lacs in exchange for 8% equity and a loan of Rs 20 lacs at 10% interest. Pitchers again make a counter offer of 50 lacs for 7% and the debt structure remains the same

The last pitch of the episode by Chirag Gupta and Himanshu Agarwal

Is a travel platform that provides holiday experiences. Chirag also explained how he made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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