Puzzle Pitch Founder of iMumz:

iMumz provides 24×7 guidance and monitoring to a mother and her lifestyle coach. educates mothers about the importance of lifestyle and measures to be followed by them.

Piyush offered 10 lacs for 1% equity and 60 lacs loan at 10% interest rate. The final deal was closed with Piyush for 10 lacs at 1% equity and 60 lacs loan at 10% interest rate.

Second pitch Healthy Binge Founder:

Junk food consumption has become so popular in India that it has taken the size of a Rs 50000 crore market. Snacking has become common among people of all ages.

The remaining 16% goes to friends and family. Raised capital from friends and family in the month of April 2022 to the tune of Rs 1.13 cr at a valuation of Rs 7.5 cr.

3).Third Pitch Freakins Founder:

Denim is very popular in the fashion market. The denim sector has not been able to provide clothes according to the body shape, weather and needs of the people.

Pitchers counter offer 50 lakhs for 2% equity and a loan of Rs 20 lakhs at 12% interest. A deal was fixed with Vinita for Rs 50 lakhs in exchange for 2.5% equity in the company.

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