Founder of the first pitch oral hygiene brand

Toothpaste brands contain sodium phosphate, which is a harmful ingredient. Some such famous brands are banned outside India.

7 cr raised at a post-money valuation of 39 cr. From monthly spend, 77 lac is net sales and burn is 27 lac. Gross margin is 57%.

Second pitch two sisters Punya and Parina Chugh

Both the sisters thought of starting a brand of loungewear when they were making products, then there was looking back and it started in the year 2017.

Midnight Angles is one such loungewear brand that creates night dresses that one can wear even when going out.

3rd Pitch Care Brand

The website also provides free eye-check-ups and suggests vision therapy exercises. This pitch leads to a war of words between Namita and Piyush.

In the end the Pitchers go with Piyush with a deal of 10 per cent equity for Rs 50 lakh. Namita still promises to help them.

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