About the first pitch company NanoClean:

The nanoparticles present in the air get trapped in the lungs and cause many diseases like COPD, asthma, lung cancer etc.

Lifetime sales are Rs.15 Crores. In Year 19-20 sales were Rs.7.6 Crores, in Year 20-21 sales were Rs.4.9 Crores, in Year 21-22 sales were Rs.1.1 Crores.

second pitch company malaki

Malachi is an Indian product made from local ingredients and natural resources. There are different types of concoctions like tonic, sparkling water and coffee tonic.

The owners make a counter offer of ₹50 lakhs for 2.5% equity. The final deal was closed with Piyush and Aman for 3% equity of the company for ₹50 lakhs.

3rd Pitch Hornback Founder

Hornbach is an automobile startup company that manufactures the world's first diamond-frame electric folding bicycle. One can easily fold this bicycle without lifting it.

About the Fourth Pitch Company Zoe Nutrition

Most of the people make resolutions, plans and journeys to improve their health but all fail. To solve this problem Zoe Nutrition for Life is introduced.

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