First Pitch Company Switched Founder

Switched is an all inclusive electric vehicle subscription business. One month payment is the services they provide.

2nd Pitch Company Navgati Founder

Navgati is one such platform which solves the problem for both customers and dealers by its two products; one is Navgati Fueling App and Average Dashboard.

Aman and Amit compete for 3% equity in the company for 67 lakhs. A deal was fixed with Aman and Amit for 67 lakhs in exchange for 3% equity in the company.

3rd Pitch Cremeitalia Founder

To meet the demand for cheese in India, Rajesh came up with his company Cremeitalia.a brand that makes fresh cheeses from fresh milk that are natural and delicious.

There was no offer or counteroffer due to no Sharks interested in the deal. Pitcher can't clear financial numbers, team isn't up to marks, etc.

fourth pitch company desmondji

Shark Tank Desmondgee In this episode Desmondgee is the first craft distilling company in India to manufacture premium quality alcoholic beverages such as agave spirit.

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