first pitch gladful snack business

"Gladful" is India's first family friendly protein brand. The brand manufactures Protein Cookies, Protein Breakfast Mix Desert Bites and many more.

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Parul and Manu suggest Namita and Amit to come up with Amit's offer, making the deal 50 lakhs for 3.5% equity. After a discussion, the three sharks agree to the deal.

Next Pitch PharmaLama Business

1 crore for 1.5% equity. After discussing numbers, Anupam offers Rs. 45 crore valuation. After discussion among the sharks, all five sharks offer Rs.

Heading 2

Third Pitch Crave King Foods:

Crave Raja Foods aims to be India's largest crave-worthy food platform and has more than 500 kitchens present in international markets outside India.

"Crave Raja Foods" has a central kitchen serving three cloud kitchens in a hub and spoke model. The brand aims to use one ingredient to make different food items to avoid food wastage.

Next pitch Amit Hotchandani's "VA Perfume"

All the sharks walk out of the offer as none of them have any expertise in incense sticks, and cannot connect with the products.

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