shark tank india season 2 episode 4 premiere

Shark Tank India premiered Episode 4 during the slot with the motto "Entrepreneurial wave once again".

The first team to pitch the bicycle brand 'Gear Head Motors'

Electric Cycle and Tricycle Manufactured at just Rs.24,000, Gear Head's cycle can run up to 60 kms on a single charge.

The second team home essence of their brand 'Patilkaki'

Their pitch claims that local-based snack brands don't care about hygiene either, while the latter are all about using preservatives.

Piyush teams up with Anupam by pitching the same amount of Rs.40 lakhs for 4% equity, and the offer is countered by a new one extended by Aman with Rs.

Last Team'Branddaddy AFE

The pitch is kicked off by Roshan as he describes the inability of common people to use a fire extinguisher in most accounts.

review of shark tank india season 2 episode 4 final

With the production budget already geared towards this aspect, the show has tried to reach out to the audience with drama through such gimmicks.

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