Pitch Company Hood Founder:

Data in this app is end-to-end encrypted. Anyone can share anything on this app and value based information can be collected from it.

The final deal was closed with Piyush and Aman investing 60 lakhs at a valuation of 112 crores on 0.54% equity of the company and 60 lakhs loan at 12% interest rate.

Second Pitch Company Twisting Scoops Business Vision

Twisting Scoops Business seeks to operate a company that, from the outset, expands opportunities for growth and career development to its employees.

Shark Aman wants to join them without equity. Shark Namita also talks positively about helping them. Due to such a difference in valuations, no deal gets done.

Third Pitch Grow It Business

Grow It Business aims to provide innovative tools in the main target area by adopting effective and cost effective agriculture, and farmer provision key solution functions.

Shark Piyush and Shark Namita offer ₹ 50 lakh for 1% equity and ₹ 50 lakh loan at 10% interest rate, formation - ₹ 50 crore, both the sharks get the deal finalized.

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