shark tank india season 2,episode 41 Summary.

In this episode of Shark Tank India Trunome, a diagnosis and monitoring platform for chronic diseases presents the pitch.

First Pitch Company Makino Snacks

Makino Snack Business provides unique snack experience. We bring our unique offering in Food & Drink Industry which combines taste with health.

Second pitch company Truenom Business:

In the TrueNome business pitching, AcroLife Genomics a clinical genomics company that builds a computational platform for the early diagnosis of chronic disease.

The EBITDA of every month becomes ₹1 lakh per month. The sharks do not agree on this counter. And the business pitches to finalize the deal with the four sharks at ₹1.5 crore for 2% equity.

Third Pitch India's first Sustainable 3D Printing Experience Center:

₹80 lakh for 1.5% equity, ₹70 lakh loan, ₹53.33 crore Business Pitcher Shark Aman finalized an offer of ₹80 lakh for 2% equity.

End pitch of the day What's Up Wellness Business:

Shark Aman, Shark Anupam & Shark Vineeta's Offer ₹60 Lakh for 4.76% Equity, Valuation – ₹12.6 CroreBusiness Pitcher finali deal with all three sharks.

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