shark tank india season 2 episode 42 vijay p. Begins with a pitch of "Prost" by Sharma and Tarun Bhargava. "Prost" is a premium beer brand.

"Prost" a premium

The brand is known for its premium quality, low bitterness, high potency and high drinkability. It also has varieties of beers which include strong beers, light beers and wheat beers.

Second pitch company Dr. cubes

The brand makes different types of ice which include cubes, gourmet, crushed, infused and artisan ice.

80 lakhs for 15% equity. All the sharks get out of this deal because they don't see the business profiting in the long run. Not much understanding of the ice market.

Third Pitch “Metro Ride”

A commuter can book a 2-wheeler or 3-wheeler electric vehicle to reach metro stations or local stations. The company also has many women drivers.

Din Ki Akhar Pitch “Conquer” App

40 lakhs for 1% equity. After a long discussion, all the sharks walk out of the deal as they feel the app is trying to figure out too many things at once.

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