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First Pitch Company Healthy Master 

Healthy Master Business in offering low oil and non-fried items that are made from whole foods like wheat, soy, flaxseed etc.

- Michael Jordan

₹50 lakh for 6.5% equity, Valuation – ₹7.69 crore, Business pitcher Sharks finalize deal on Vinita's new offer.

Second Pitch Company Kitsons Stationery & Toys Retail Location

It's hard to build on a relationship you've built in your own area while expanding. No sharks make offers and no deals happen.

3rd Pitch London Bubble Company

Present “The New Us Sugar Tooth Dishes” everyone by making a range of healthy waffles, dairy free milkshakes, chocolate in the form of various delicious food products.

₹75 lakh for 15% equity, valuation – ₹5 crore Business pitcher finalizes the deal with this offer.

- Michael Jordan

End of the Day Pitch Waggy Zone Pet Ice Cream

Sharks Piyush suggests them to export but due to not being able to make it a big business no sharks offer and no deal happens.

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