Enigma Team Company'Winston'

The company opened doors for new episodes with 'Winston', which offers a line of at-home beauty appliances.

Vinita and Anupam offer them Rs.1 crore for 10% equity, while Aman, who already has a competing business in his line-up, backs out due to conflict of interest.


Second pitch Ganesh Balakrishnan's 'Flatheads'

For the second pitch, 'Flatheads' have introduced comfortable footwear weighing less than 500 grams with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Third Pitch Organic Smokes'

Introducing a patented formulation approved by Ayush Mistry with Tulsi leaves and other herbs, they hope to spread the satisfaction they get after a smoke to their customers

shark tank india season 2 episode 5 review

The key is to balance both the aspects – the business and the story of the soulful faces behind that business”,the episode clearly showcases that difference.


With Flatheads, the raw display of emotion works well by staying true to the underlying core reality of the company's founder's story and journey

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