shark tank india season 2 episode 6 title

With the motto "Entrepreneur's Wave Once Again" Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 6 premiered during the 9th slot.

frist pitch tee fit

With a healthy and honest approach, 'TeFit' presents its natural formulation of 15 herbs, which along with green and black tea create an unsweetened concoction.

Second team mobile and web platform 'Haqdarshak'

Through 'Haqdaar', Aniket's team aims to help and support people at every step during the documentation and other stages of the official process.

Third team of the day 'Bhaskar Ka Purana Poli Ghar'

The third team of the day is 'Bhaskar Ka Puranapoli Ghar', which brings its three show runners - Bhaskar KR, Vittal Shetty and Saurabh Chowdhary.

shark tank india season 2 episode 6 review

The latest episode again brings together teams that inspire courage in India's budding entrepreneurs.

Footnotes are often left behind by one of the sharks, explaining business jargon to viewers who may not otherwise be familiar with the terminology.

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