Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 9 Title

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 9 premiered on January 12, 2023 with the title "Invest in Lifestyle".

Colorful entry of puzzle pitch 'Paradies'

'Paradise' has a colorful entry, the shark crushes them under its feet. Rushika Jolly and Siddharth advocate giving hair a "colourful and instant twist".

Piyush's proposal is also turned down, and the final reins rest with Aman and Vineeta, who sign a deal with 'Paradies'.

Second pitch Chhavi Singh an affordable luxury home decor brand 'Nesroots'

Keeping the price tag under control, the company offers fashionable options for furniture, homeware, kitchenware and more.

50 lakhs, 5% equity, but since Namita's offer was already a steal, he also backed out. As Vinita calls him a combination of red and green chillies because of his outfit that day.

'Cozy Sleep' Hardik Rathore's final pitch

Highlights the need for "pampering and a deep touch" for a sound sleep and to combat sleep related hazards like insomnia, anxiety etc.

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