The stones hang in the air like Ram Setu!

It is astonishing to think how a stone can remain suspended in the air over a lake.

Baikal, the world's largest lake, is located in Siberia, Russia. It would be surprising to know that stones can often be seen hanging in the air above this lake.

View of the world's largest lake

Something else happens in the winter season. When the ice freezes on this lake in winter, it turns into different shapes.

Ice moves upward in the lake. When the temperature drops in winter, the water turns into ice. Uplift occurs from the bottom of the lake.

Once an architect like Nila was very advanced in building a bridge from India to Srilanka within 5 days with the help of a dedicated workforce of lakhs of monkeys.

NASA scientists also released the picture in which they claim that the Ram Setu underwater bridge is a coral formation. Take a look at the image released by the spacecraft.

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