Shaving the family members after the death of a person

Be it an auspicious event or an inauspicious event, Hinduism has different rules and rituals for each one. Which is given a lot of importance.

honor the dead

After the death of the person, the family members shave their head to show respect and honor to the deceased. Without hair there is no beauty.

for bacteria

Immediately after death his body starts to decompose and harmful bacteria start to grow in it. Family members often touch the body of the deceased from home to the cremation ground.

member's hair support

The Garuda Purana states that when a person dies, his soul is not ready to leave the body. This soul returns from Yamaloka after praying to Yamraj

Tries to contact his family members. Due to lack of contact with the body, he takes support of the hair of the family members.

cause of thread

When a member dies, the family gets sutak and during this time also it is forbidden to participate in religious activities. By shaving the head, the sutak is completely removed.

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