Ways to rekindle a relationship or marriage and spark romance with love.

You're too comfortable with them for anything to be exciting. If you've ever been through the honeymoon phase with someone, you'll know we're right.

Why do relationships lose their spark sometimes?

You have to work to get that spark back. If you don't, nothing will change, and you may find that you end up drifting away.

How To Revive Your Marriage Or Relationship To Make It Last!

If you're feeling stuck in a rut, you might need some outside help to bring things back to the fun and excitement.

solve the problem at hand

distract you, you might have done something to them. Remember that communication is the key to any strong relationship.

take an exotic holiday

To escape it all so that you have time for your significant other, it is a good idea to plan trips together!

surprise them often

Little things here and there that show how much you care will almost guarantee that your flame won't fizzle out.

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