Are you also troubled by joint pain during fever?

If joint pain during fever is troubling you,this recipe can give you instant relief from the problem of pain and it does not have any side effects.

Mustard oil

Leave the oil on for a few minutes and then massage the joint when the oil is hot. Massaging in the morning and evening provides relief in joint pain.


Ginger contains gingerol compounds. It helps in relieving joint pain. To use ginger, first boil water and put ginger in it.

joint pain during fever

To reduce pain and swelling in body pain joints, do consume two raw garlic in daily food, if this garlic is roasted then it can be more beneficial.

coconut oil

Lightly heat coconut oil before sleeping and massage the joints with it, doing this remedy continuously for 7 to 8 days will end the problem of joint pain.

Apart from this, you can also consume Ashwagandha, it is very beneficial in getting rid of the pain caused by Chikungunya.

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