what color highlights look best hair?

In highlights, sections of your hair are dyed one shade lighter than your natural hair color to enhance the overall appearance of your hair.

blue hair highlights

You can opt for navy blue, royal blue and sky blue. Blue color is associated with stability, dyeing your mane blue is your only chance for stability.

blonde highlights

Blonde streaks look best when naturally darker highlights are sewn into them for deep contrast.

purple highlights

It's even better if you're looking for a shade and intensity that feels just right. This is what we call burgundy edgy yet cool. Glows at the slightest hint of light.

ombre colored highlights

Ombre hair color involves contrasting the natural darker hair color near the roots with a lighter color at the ends. You simply trim the colored ends and go for a new shade.

gray highlights

Taking the plunge with gray would be tantamount to rejecting the conservative narrative, while the resulting look would be consistently adored.

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