what is the best way to apply eyeliner?

You know how to apply eyeliner to your eye shape? Applying eyeliner to small eyes or almond shaped eyes will be very different.

Apply moisturizer and eye cream around the eyes

Eye cream helps to heal premature wrinkles and also heals any redness or discoloration near the area.

apply a small amount of eye primer

Apply concealer on top of the lids and under the eyes. Blend well and make sure to set it with a setting powder.

use short lines and strokes

When you are satisfied with one eye, do the same with the other eye. Try to keep it as symmetrical as possible.

draw line map

Map out the line and fill it in slowly. If you are starting out for the first time, take your time with this, if you mess up, you will have to start over.

complete the look

If you make any mistake or the shape of line gets spoiled,then in order to get a perfect look,smudge it lightly with the help of a brush.By doing this, your look will shine through.

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