Why wear? White clothes in the crematorium!

Sages say that even our clothes, bed or bed sheets attract good and bad energy.

If the way of wearing clothes is wrong, then definitely the effect of negative energy increases in life. Explains which mistakes related to clothes increase the effect of negative energy in life.

wrong way to store clothes

If our bed is not made after getting up in the morning, then negative energies remain there and when we go to bed again, it has a bad effect on life.

It retains all the colors present in white light and emits only red. In other words, the object that emits the color back becomes its color.

clothes of the dead

Some parts of the clothes worn by the person remain. It is part of this culture that when a person dies, the clothes that came in contact with his body are burnt.

When a man leaves the common sense of his body, mind, intellect and soul, your relationship with him ends. However dear or close that person may be.

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