body not kept alone in the house after death?

One who is born on earth is sure to die one day. If a person dies then his dead body is cremated but in Hinduism when a person dies in evening or night.

According to the scriptures, if a person dies at the end of the day, his body should be kept near the Tulsi plant. The dead body should not be left alone. The soul of the dead man wanders there.

physical body

The physical body of the person gets isolated. Due to which the evil spirit can enter the person's body.

dead body should not be kept alone

The dead body should not be kept alone because after death the soul of the deceased remains around the dead body. The love of loved ones dominates the soul.

There is a fear of coming of red ants or other insects. It is necessary to take care of the person sitting near the dead body. Some tantric rituals are also performed at night.

To remove the fear, five effigies made of flour, gram flour or kush are cremated along with the dead body with full rituals.

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